good readings

I love reading, and here I will post a brief listing of nice books I have read.
I also add some links to good readings on the internet.

Brainpickings: I love this site, it is full of thought provoking posts and great book ideas.
As they say in their about page: "Brain Pickings is your LEGO treasure chest, full of pieces across art, design, science, technology, philosophy, history, politics, psychology, sociology, ecology, anthropology, you-name-itology. Pieces that enrich your mental pool of resources and empower you to combine them into original concepts that are stronger, smarter, richer, deeper and more impactful — a modest, curiosity-driven exercise in vision- and mind-expansion. Please enjoy."
Well, what are you waitin for? Just go there and enjoy!

Brenè Brown - The gifts of imperfection
This is a deep and inspiring book about our attitude towards ourselves and our lives. It is a lot about being conscious on how we work emotionally and about being clear of what matters to us, and then put all this to practice.(Spring 2011)

Fred Vargas - Sotto i venti di nettuno
Great story with suspence, psychology, a bit of mistery and noir! I couldn't put it down, and read it in a day and a half (mostly at night!).(Summer 2011)

W.G. Sebald, Austerlitz
A great book, really unusual and involving. It was given me by a dear friend, which makes it even more dear. (2012)

Massimo Gramellini, Fai bei sogni
I liked this one quite a lot, I read it in two days. (2012)

Orhan Pamuk, Il mio nome è rosso
This book is really intriguing, especially for the great atmospheres (and the mystery too, of course). (2012)

Erri de Luca, Il peso della farfalla
What a great idea! (2012)

Primo Levi, La Tregua
It made me cry, he was an exceptional man, who could write about the holocaust so lightly notwithstanding the horrible things he experienced. A compulsory read. (2012)

Susannah Conway, This I know
Susannah, I like you a lot. (2012)

Erri de Luca, Il torto del soldato
Another Erri de Luca book that I loved. (2012)

Stefano Rodotà, Elogio del moralismo
A book full of considerations and insights, and even a bit of hope. (2012)

Edmund de Waal, Un'eredità di avorio ed ambra
This one was an impulse purchase, and I don't regret it: a great story! (2012)

Ilaria Borletti Buitoni, Per un'italia possibile
Considerations about our cultural patrimony and how to preserve it: it's not just about talking and doing, it's also about attitudes, culture and politics! (2012)

Austin Kleon - Steal Like an artist
Wonderful little book full of insights and ideas! (Winter 2012)

Sheena Lyengar, the art of choosing
Why we choose as we do, and the impact that this has on our lives. An interesting one, examining the question from various perspectives. (2013)