Tuesday, 25 August 2009

back and busy

This long silence is due to some days of vacation.

We went to Sicily, had a fantastic time with great friends, and rested a lot.

Now I'm back and super busy, be prepared to some slow blogging.

When I arrived home, a surprise was there for me, in the mail box.

Coming from Switzerland...

And look at that beutiful stamp with a bird.
It is a gorgeous postcard from my secret pal Katie!

THANK YOU Katie for this nice thought, I love receiving something in the mail, and you made my day! I hope you are enjoying your time there and the end of vacations.

I like to think of you as the lady in the postcard, a gentle explorer of beautiful mountains! (But surrounded by a group of young, chatty girls running everywhere ;-)!).

Thursday, 6 August 2009

SP14 unveiled

I finally had the time to take a picture of the contents of the fantastic parcel I received from my secret pal.

First of all, the parcel contained several packets wrapped up in a beautiful blue paper, and cards from woolfest, and a lovely note from "Katie". Not to mention a fantastic pattern for mittens with stranded work, something I have always wanted to try and never had the courage to do. Now there is no more excuse, I will make mittens with stranded work!

Added: blogger cuts up the photo, and it doesn't show all. Click on the photo to see everything...

When I opened up the packages, I was overwhelmed: superb hand dyed wool (in shades of brown!!!) from "The Yarn Yard", a bag, chocolate (in interesting flavours that are really appealing), cards with flowers and even a fairy pen to help me at work! And also some roving in dreamy colors, no excuse to start spinning seriously!

THANK YOU again, Katie! As you know, you also had a strong therapeutic effect after a very hard day, you really lifted up my spirits!!!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

SP 14 - parcel arrived!

Yesterday evening I came home really tired, after a whole day in the field, in the Mountains, with the sun shining, and a drive of more than 400 km! I was expecting a parcel (someone had written me they had sent something), and while entering the house, heading to the post box, I was hoping to find the familiar yellow slip saying to go to the post office to pick up something. To my surprise and delight, I found there a parcel waiting for me!!! A parcel from Great Britain!! What a joy.... It was my secret pal parcel, filled with wondeful things. Thank you, THANK YOU dear pal, you sent me so many wonderful things, you had such kind words and so thoughtful ideas that I was overwhelmed!

I was also too tired to return to the parked car where i had left my backpack with the camera in, so no photos (yet), but just heartfelt thanks. And the promise of a post with photogrphs very soon!

In the meantime, just a little photo of yet another project I cast on last week, it is coming along beautifully, and was requested after seeing the green version. And it is not the only new cast on of the week, oh my, I'm so feeble, but I'm also slowly finishing left over project (I frogged a languishing baby jacket, admitting to myself that I didn't like it).

And now, with wonderful new wool and super projects, it is going to be even harder to resist...!