Thursday, 25 March 2010

Another shawl

This is a new shawl I just finished.

Pattern: Mormor's shawl by Emma Fassio (rav link) Yarn: unknown yarn from market, 4 skeins, approx 400m Modifications to the pattern: added a feather and fan border, as per lorelosthinteusa (rav link) This is one of the 10 shawls I plan to knit in 2010

I'm very pleased with the result and it was really a lot of fun to knit this one!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

another ishbel

I have finally blocked it, and now it can have its own post!

It's another Ishbel, pattern by Ysolda Teague, knit using a wonderful skein sent me by Katie. It's a Yarn Yard wool, it has gorgeous brown shades and is very soft.
As it wasn't enough, I did the final repeats of the border using a Paton's tweedy - silky wool.

The points of this shawl are very nice, and indeed useful, as when you use the shawl as a scarf they help it to stay where you put it.

I took lots of photos, but will try to behave and stop adding them here now...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

a severe case of "startitis"

Last weekend plans involved finishing projects... But instead I was hit by a severe case of startitis, and started four projects! One is huge, one medium and two small. And yesterday a started even another one!
Being far from my stash for a while, left me itching of starting new things, and now that I can access to it every evening, I start new projects everytime!

I have also started to write my first "pattern", well, not really a big thing, just a very simple and easy hat. Let's say it is a test, so that I'm forced to find a layout, and think what is needed to make a radable pattern.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

catching up

Being back is good, and given the lack of posts lately, I do have plenty to write about!

So let's start with some finished knits, thay have all been given away at Christmas.

First a pair of socks I made for G., she had wanted them for so long, that I did manage to complete them before Christmas, so that she could finally have one pair.
I used a merino wool from the mill, so with no label but of excellent quality and very soft indeed.
The pattern is a generic toe-up sock with short rows heel that I made up as I knit. From memory, I started with 12 stitches, the foot was 48 stitches, and that's all about it. I had the measures of the feet, and made the socks accordingly. They seemed to fit, and are being used.

I'm starting to consider to write down the patterns I make, and have them on Ravelry for free, even though they are so basic and simple, that I think nobody could be really interested (and there are already lot's of this kind of patterns there!). Anyhow, I would do it as a selfish thing, so that I preserve some memory of what I do.