Saturday, 30 May 2009

following the urge

Sometimes I just feel the need to knit a hat, and so grab needles and some wool and proceed.


I knitted this one with leftovers from an horrible baby jacket (my first one) that I sent to some friends that were very kind and said they liked it. I think they appreciated my atempt, I ad really ut all my love in every stitch of it!
Anyhow, the hat above was knit from the bottom up, and experimenting seed stitch. The wool was not a lot, so I ended up dong more a tam than a hat.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

old hats

When I started knitting, I bought good quantities of yarn (this has become, with time, a problem: I love yarn, and my stash has grown quite a bit!).
Anyhow, after the first scarf I discovered hats, and that was real love!
I always knit different hats, with variosu new things everytime: sideways vs in the round construction, in one or more pieces, with different textures and stitches. 
So it happens that I might knit different hast with the same wool, with cotrasting results:


This one, from the book folk hats, was ne of the first I made. It didn't come out as  expected, still I learned how to pick up stitches. It was foloed by this, by the great Elisabeth Zimmermann

Snail hat by Elisabeth Zimmermann

and then by this


Pointy hat, made decreasing every third or fourth round, so it gets pointy.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Knitting hats is my passion! There are several reasons to this, but the main one is that they do not take too much time to be completed, so I can finish and enjoy them soon, and at the same time I can ry and experience new techniques often.

I don't have much time to kit, just a little bit everyday before sleeping, so small projects are a must.

Also, in this way, by the end of the year I have enough finished items to give away to all my friends, and they really appreciate this. I usually gather all hats (and scarves, glowes and cowls) in a large bag. When visiting frinds I let tham choose tha hat they prefer and like most. It's a double fun: we play and try everything, ad at the same time I'm sure they receive something they like.

And now let's see if I can manage to post pictures...


Oh, it works! This was my first knitted scarf. I frogged it sometimes ago, but it says much about my way of knitting: after few rows I was already tired, and wanted to try new stitches and colors!

Monday, 25 May 2009

starting again

I have made several attempts to start a knitting blog. With no much success.
I'm planning to participate to sp14, so I hope this will be a good reason to keep on going.