Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Knitting hats is my passion! There are several reasons to this, but the main one is that they do not take too much time to be completed, so I can finish and enjoy them soon, and at the same time I can ry and experience new techniques often.

I don't have much time to kit, just a little bit everyday before sleeping, so small projects are a must.

Also, in this way, by the end of the year I have enough finished items to give away to all my friends, and they really appreciate this. I usually gather all hats (and scarves, glowes and cowls) in a large bag. When visiting frinds I let tham choose tha hat they prefer and like most. It's a double fun: we play and try everything, ad at the same time I'm sure they receive something they like.

And now let's see if I can manage to post pictures...


Oh, it works! This was my first knitted scarf. I frogged it sometimes ago, but it says much about my way of knitting: after few rows I was already tired, and wanted to try new stitches and colors!

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