Thursday, 28 May 2009

old hats

When I started knitting, I bought good quantities of yarn (this has become, with time, a problem: I love yarn, and my stash has grown quite a bit!).
Anyhow, after the first scarf I discovered hats, and that was real love!
I always knit different hats, with variosu new things everytime: sideways vs in the round construction, in one or more pieces, with different textures and stitches. 
So it happens that I might knit different hast with the same wool, with cotrasting results:


This one, from the book folk hats, was ne of the first I made. It didn't come out as  expected, still I learned how to pick up stitches. It was foloed by this, by the great Elisabeth Zimmermann

Snail hat by Elisabeth Zimmermann

and then by this


Pointy hat, made decreasing every third or fourth round, so it gets pointy.

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