Life List

This started as an exercise for a course named "Path Finder" by Karen Walrond. I had always had such a list in my head, but now here it is written down beautifully.....

1. photograph 1000 portraits
2. knit 1234 hats and give them away
3. a 10 days trekking
4. Santiago walk (or analogous way, i.e. Francigena)
5. publish a photographic book
6. at least 5 days trip with mum
7. a bread baking course (not snobbing cakes, of course!)
8. learn to weave
9. learn to dye with vegetable dyes
10. learn watercolour
11. draw/photograph 987 postcards and send them
12. write a book
13. a week at a “tropical” paradise relaxing
14. go to India
15. learn to play accordion (my grandfather’s) or shawm (ciaramella)
16. a one week long ride across holland or danemark
17. invite A for dinner and chat till sunset
18. bake a wonderful sacher torte and eat it with the family
19. plant a tree
20. organise a photo exhibit
21. make an handstitched quilt
22. make a machine stitched quilt
23. make three embroidered shirts
24. bake real french croissants
25. grow cactus from seeds
26. have an holiday with my nieces
27. polish my feet nails
28. sing solo to a public
29. make an herbarium
30. learn engraving
31. have a vegetable garden and cultivate also flowers
32. have chickens
33. see a ballet at Opèra de Paris
34. see a performance at Opera House in Sydney
35. live in a house by the sea
36. see an aurora borealis
37. prepare fudge
38. pay a scholarship to 5 children and have them get an education
39. visit Japan
40. have a dog
41. having my portrait painted or drawn
42. a transoceanic cross on a boat
43. make a book
44. knit a pullover for my nieces, for my dad, for my mum, my brother and for P
45. finish an embroidery I promised my mother long ago
46. embroider a madonna my mum gave me, and then give it to her
47. walk barefoot on the sand
48. sleep in a flowered meadow
49. listen to a summer thunderstorm
50. wake up in Verona at the swallows cries
51. the sound of rain on an african roof
52. shoot lightning
53. participate to a creative retreat (SQUAM art?)
54. keep a diary regularly
55. learn to sew my own wardrobe
56. adopt a child
57. climb 5 mountains higher than 4000m
58. go to Argentina and meet al my relatives there
59. read aloud a book to a child
60. take speech training     
61. invite to lunch a person asking for money on the street
62. volunteer for some environment/cultural association
63. write and publish something on a newspaper
64. publish 15 scientific papers in the next 5 years
65. parachuting
66. explore a cave (overcoming my fears)
67. help somebody have a home
68. at least one present to unknown people every year
69.  visit shetland and hebrides
70. shave a sheep, spin the wool and knit a garment for myself with it
71.  go and visit E, and then invite her for dinner
72. make a trekking in a National park in the USA or Canada
73. visit a sandy desert
74. have a volunteering holiday
75. a massage and self care weekend
76. learn Alexander method
77. learn another language
78. a travel by motorcycle
79. a horse riding trip
80. drink a tea in London
81. show to P a rice field
82. make a curtain with bottle caps
83. eat a risotto in a Pamigiano round
84. go to a podologist
85. visit New York
86. knit a blanket
87. visit 200 world heritage sites from UNESCO (
88. spin enough wool to knit myself a pullover
89. dye my hair red
90. visit a buddhist monastery
91. learn to make massage
92. help 5 people finish their list
93. visit Israel with P
94. take a cooking course
95. make a documentary
96. print my photos on canvas and hang them
97. meditate regularly
98. make a web-site
99. create 10 knitting patterns
100. find a publisher for M
101. eat a meal with m using her finest china
102. see live an eruption of Etna with P (anybody else is welcome!).

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Kim said...

This is a FANTASTIC list. I would include a lot of these on my list too. And have been lucky to have already done some.