Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Life List - 81.

Sometimes ago, I wrote my Life List, and there is a dedicated page about it on this blog (have a look up there, on the top bar, on the right!).

This post is to document number "81" of the list, which was all about showing a rice field to P, who had once confessed me he had never seen one from nearby (and, I will add, we live in a region FULL of rice fields!).

So at the beginning of october we were heading to visit the Maggiore Lake when I stopped along the road


What are you doing? - was the question. I got off the car and smiled: We are finally going to see a rice filed from within, and get some rice as well!


And so we did, and jiggled all the rest of the trip!


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Francesca said...

There's nothing more beautiful than a rice field swaying in the breeze -- through there's nothing more annoying than the mosquitos that live in those fields in the summer! :)
Happy New Year!