Friday, 2 December 2011

december views

Via photomeditations I have discovered that hippyurbangirl is organising "december views".
She has just finished a long writing month, and proposes to have a silent december, wih images.

"The idea is to take away the stress of having just one more thing to do during the holiday season and to sink in and be with what is in front of you, the beauty you see, the lush imagery that seems to explode in the darkness of this time of the year.  That said, there are no rules and though the idea is to blog images everyday ~ that is not the intention, rather the intention is to allow yourself to enjoy the quiet, to allow a month of no stress creativity and to share a bit of your world with others in a completely different way than you usually do. Exciting and relaxing."

I will take this as an occasion to post everytday, at least a picture. And also I will try to post some words as well!


Look, I have learned something new! I made a diptych, using the clear instructions by puglypixel, with one of her photot templates, and, most importantly, her fantastic video explaining how to use them. Thank you, puglypixel, and Susannah for pointing me to her.

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