Friday, 30 December 2011

last finished knittings of the year

Do not be worried, there are at least some other 5 projects on the needles!!!

Anyhow, these are the last finished knits of the year, and to keep up with traditions, it's two hats.

I found the wool (Patons Wool Tweed DK) at Morrison and Sons in Melbourne, they were having a sale, and there was a $1 a ball bin. How could I resist? And so two hats were made quite quickly, as I enjoyed the "Knitting at the Botanical Gardens" meet (every third saturday of the month, from 11 on!),happily chattering along with amasing ladies. P read a book, and modelled for a hat, that I gave  to one of the ladies.

First hat is Mr Tom's Beanie by Woolly wormhead.


It's a great free pattern, so just go here and grab it, and then do yourslf a favour and try another of her patterns, I'm a big fan of hers. Clear directions, easy hats, wondreful textures: never boring or disappointing.


The second hat is improvised, I had in mind Propello by WW, but really made it on the spot!


I cast on 90 stitches with 4.5 mm, made a k1p1 rib, and then worked 4 wedges of alternate stokinette and reverse stokinette.


I'm quite pleased with the result


It fits well


and I gave it to M who was quite happy!

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