Tuesday, 2 March 2010

catching up

Being back is good, and given the lack of posts lately, I do have plenty to write about!

So let's start with some finished knits, thay have all been given away at Christmas.

First a pair of socks I made for G., she had wanted them for so long, that I did manage to complete them before Christmas, so that she could finally have one pair.
I used a merino wool from the mill, so with no label but of excellent quality and very soft indeed.
The pattern is a generic toe-up sock with short rows heel that I made up as I knit. From memory, I started with 12 stitches, the foot was 48 stitches, and that's all about it. I had the measures of the feet, and made the socks accordingly. They seemed to fit, and are being used.

I'm starting to consider to write down the patterns I make, and have them on Ravelry for free, even though they are so basic and simple, that I think nobody could be really interested (and there are already lot's of this kind of patterns there!). Anyhow, I would do it as a selfish thing, so that I preserve some memory of what I do.

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Tzugumi said...

I love your socks and I'm sure that everyone will appreciate your pattern on Ravelry, even if you think that it's too simple!
(spero che il mio inglese si capisca...comunque mi tengo in allenamento!)