Tuesday, 25 August 2009

back and busy

This long silence is due to some days of vacation.

We went to Sicily, had a fantastic time with great friends, and rested a lot.

Now I'm back and super busy, be prepared to some slow blogging.

When I arrived home, a surprise was there for me, in the mail box.

Coming from Switzerland...

And look at that beutiful stamp with a bird.
It is a gorgeous postcard from my secret pal Katie!

THANK YOU Katie for this nice thought, I love receiving something in the mail, and you made my day! I hope you are enjoying your time there and the end of vacations.

I like to think of you as the lady in the postcard, a gentle explorer of beautiful mountains! (But surrounded by a group of young, chatty girls running everywhere ;-)!).


Katie said...

My pleasure.... I'd like to think of me as that gentile lady too. Alas it was a long way from the truth!

Michela said...

Ciao!! ^_^
Bentornata!! Io sono tornata sabato e mi sento ancora un bradipo al lavoro.... ^_^'
Ma riparti per l'Australia? Dobbiamo organizzarci per sferruzzare un po'!