Monday, 9 November 2009

Lacy Baktus

Finally autumn has arrived: it has been raining the whole week-end, and we have stayde home finally doing tons of things that had been waiting for ever. First of all I have changed the weels of my car, they were really worn out and almost dangerous. This took almost a whole day, but with some patience, wemanaged to sqeeze in several other things while waiting. Then we cleaned the house, and also built a new shoe storage in one of the closets: now there will be some ordering and throwing away, and finally this part of the house will be tidy.

Knit-wise, I have been working hard on completing projects, and I'm now at the sewing, end.darning stage, which always takes ages.

But not to leave you without photos, here is a nice, autumnal scarf, a Lacy Baktus (ravelry link, flickr link).

I had these two skeins of this wool since a long time (it's naturalana, tesse by kroma, and I used 3.5 mm needles), and have finally found the perfect project to use them. I' very happy with the scarf, I used up every bit of wool, and managed to frog half the scarf notwithstanding the pattern simplicity! All in all i'm very happy of this scarf, the only downside note is that I would have made it a bit larger, but there is no wool left over!

My niece had asked me a poncho for christmas; luckly I had not started it yet as today she has announced me she wants socks! Hopefully, no more changes of mind.... I will cast on this week, as soon as I finish the lovely Ishbel I cast on last week!

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