Thursday, 20 January 2011

ready to go, and a hat

I cannot believe time has been literally flying these last weeks, with the preparations, lots of things at work, a bit of family worries and the unravelling course... All this made me have really little time for anything ese. But I'm quite happy as well, and know I have a bit of more "me time" ahead.

Knit-wise i have finished a hat for P


a really nice and simple pattern "Christopher by Jane Richmond" (Ravelry link), that I bought sometimes ago for its stripines and the fact that it is double-sided


The wool was chosen and more length added, and in the end it came out quite well. Unfortunately it looked awful on the owner, so I frogged and made another, more comfortable hat wih the blue wool.

Anyhow I plan to make more of these hats, and with stripes!, as it is an easy and really nice knit!

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i.ikeda said...

It looks great! I love the fact that it's double sided and the colors go so well together.