Friday, 15 July 2011

hats and scarves

It's quite hot here at the moment, and really hectic, with work dominating life.
I have finally woven in the ends of two small projects I finished long ago. And there are some more waiting in line...

First of all a nice hat, Concentricity by Woolly Wormhead


As usual it is a great pattern, well written and easy! I love this designer, I could knit all her hats!!!


The wool is an unknown wool from stash. The only thing that didn't go too well, is that the hat is too small, but I will for sure find a fitting head (any volunteer?)


And this gives me tho opportunity to introduce you the secon FO.
It's a garter stich cowl made with a super soft wool that A gifted me for Christmas. I love the color and softness, and I have, of course, thrown away all ballbands.

It can be worn long


or doubled as in the first photo.
The fabric is asubtely stripey, and it has a great softness!


I like it a lot, thanks A for the wool!

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Kim said...

Nice! And nice glasses too.