Friday, 19 August 2011

A dog's life

Photos from the holidays :-)




It's still unbearably hot here!


Francesca said...

I can't load ANY of your photos right now ... I'm having a bad rural internet connection day. I came to thank you for your nice offer to knit a scarf for me - I'm touched! I'm actually thinking of crocheting one, as soon as it gets cooler and as soon as my friend at the yarn stall at the market is back from his looong august vacation! Many thanks!
PS I'll be back to see your photos from the holidays.

Francesca said...

ha, now I can see your photos from the holidays, and get the title :)

gis said...

I'm happy you like the photos.... Now I shall try to catch up with the other August days....!
Yes, sometimes trying to translate "vita da cani" into "dog's life" is not working really properly, but I did have fun seeing these ones!