Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012: plans, dreams, thoughts

My word for 2012 is "impegno", that is to say "focus", "commitment" and "action". I found it back in october during the path finder course, and I think it will help me through this year that announces itself as difficult.

Self: here I intend to pursue the trends I started in 2011.

Health: continue on the eating better campaign (which is asociated to a moderate loss of weigh).
Continue with much more exercise and fitness type thing: I am enrolled in a twice a week class and plan to walk to work at least three imes a week.
I MUST check in with a doctor for my back and hips. I plan to get a course on correct posturing.

foto 09

spirit: here again plans are to continue meditation and keep up with my photogrphy courses.
Ideally I'd like to participate more to the photography group in Pavia, even though many evening I'm just so very tired, but I should put a little more effort into it.
I wold love to go through Julia Cameron "The artist's way", let's see if I can keep up, given all the other things happening.
A big dream would be to attend a "creative retreat" in person, but it's still a bit early to know what I'll come up with.

52. Graffiti

work: here plans are big, it has become more and more difficult to tackle all what I have boiling, I have tested my limits last year and plan to be wiser this year.
There will be needed many energies, and I have to administer myself more carefully.
But exciting times are ahead, with the promise of much fun (and hard work), so I am preparing a detaild plan to take care of all this.


home: this year is going to be very important for the tidying and decisions about home. I really don't know yet where I'm headed, but changes are in the air. One thing for sure is proper decluttering of the current home, maybe I'll fire up thinking about moving, or maybe it'll just happen, I have preparing all last year, and now it is the time for action! Detailed plans are being laid out.


Family and friends: plans are to spend as much time as possible with them.
Family wise very dark clouds are on the horizon and we are already fully in the storm, so no plans are possible other than going with the current.
I just hope that thing will be the better possible for everybody.


Last year I learnt I need to be more organised in this realm, and I cannot burn out all my energies at once to try to help everybody, otherwise I burn out and I become an obstacle to myself and others.
Definitely I have to schedule in more time with my nieces, and a great project is already stirring in my mind, a project to be developed over next year and that will involve all my beloved ones!
Friend definitely need more care on my part, and plans are to work on this seriously.

Travels: well, the year started in Australia, and travels are always high on our todo list.
On this side I have no worries, as the taking care of friends side above implies some travelling, and work requires that too.
Hopefully there will also be some travels that have been on the dream list for long (New York, Lisbon, Israel, more Spain).


And definitely I'll have a trip with a person so much dear to me, and there will be no excuses for it not to happen!
But whatever happens, this part of the list is always fine with me!


Anonymous said...

Spero di essere io la persona "so much dear to you"...M'illudo???
La vecia che sogna da anni il cammino di Comostela

Anonymous said...

Spero di essere io la persona "so much dear to you"...M'illudo???
La vecia che sogna da anni il cammino di Comostela