Sunday, 19 February 2012

slowly back to normality and a new hat

We are getting slowly back to normality, our ill people (two at two different hospitals, not bad eh?) are getting better, and besides the super-extra driving to visit all hospitals, all is really getting back to manageable routine. Work is back full-force, and I'm always tired, but hey, I manage to cut out also a bit of resting time. And knitting, of course. Besides a huge secret project not mentionable here, I have cranked out several smaller pieces.


This is Christopher by Jane Richmond (Rav link). I love it for many reasons:

- it is reversible;


- it has double thinkness;
- it has stripes!


- it fits perfectly;


- and it was stolen immediately by P who is using it quite a lot in this bitter-cold weather of ours (but it seems it'sgetting a bit warmer.....

I used 4.5 mm needles (circular) and some wool I found in Nizza sometimes ago (dorothée Jogging, acrylic - alpaca - mohair mixture) and I bought because I had forgotten all knitting at home....

This year I have signed up to the destash group and so far so good, I'm consuming a lot of yarn (but for sure I'll catch up at the first Grignasco sale, so I should work harder... ;-)!).

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Kim said...

a wonderful hat!