Thursday, 15 March 2012

Cremona 1

Lately life has been really hard, with ilness in the family and lots of problems at work.
I'm being particularly vulnerable, but I'm also so lucky to have around me some people that really support and help me a lot.

iven that I'm often exhausted, P has decided that I do need some days of recovery, and what is there better than some little trips and exploring interesting places? Or visiting far friends? Therefore be prepared to some travelling posts, and no woriies, knitting is also going strong!

Last saturday P and I headed off to Cremona, a great little city full of life and beautiful things to see and do.

We parked right besides this sign, which is a good memento to forget (for a while) the worries, and relax and enjoy. You can help others and yourself only if you have enough energy, after all!


Cremona is known for violin making, Stradivari worked here after all, and is disseminated with great shops. Sometimes people buying instruments try them and it is possible to stumble upon good music easily!


It was market day and we bought something....


admired other things....


passed by interesting places

met musicians

and ended up in the principal square!


the cathedral is very beautiful,

and the square was colorful with the flowers market!


The tower is impressive


people shopping were everywhere


and time for lunch came, so we headed to a great resturant and had a delicious meal


.... and that's quite photo heavy already, so the afternoon adventures will be in next post!

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Francesca said...

Hope the trip helped! Hugs.