Saturday, 27 October 2012

so happy to read...

As I promised, i'm trying to write here a bit more, and get back to the good habits.

Life has been exceptionally FULL of things and happenings, no tragedies or bad things, just being busy in tring to juggle eerything. There were some hard moments at work (surprise, surprise), and emergencies to deal with in the family, but all in the usual framewok, nothing really "new".

But first of all I want to warmly thanks all the people who left encouraging and happy comments, which lifted my spirit AND made me smile a lot! Thank you, really, dear readers and friends. That's said, I'll try to summarise the last month AND then get back to the usual knitting and photographic posts. Because there has been much going on in this month!

A lot of waking up early


Working till late


Driving and moving (I have developed this new habit of waking up somewhere in the morning without knowing where I'll be sleeping the next night, but all this is not bothering me, as I have plenty safe spaces waiting for me!).


We had a wonderful travel (work related, but not only)


And visited very good friends. And rest a bit


or at least tried!

New, exciting things are on the orizon, and I'll cronicle them properly soon. In the next days there will be also the knitting update!!!!

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Francesca said...

wow, that's an exciting life you have! I imagined your work as digging in one place, unveiling the secrets of the earth!