Tuesday, 4 June 2013

a small baby cardi and some hats

While we were away at the beginning of the year, I knitted a small baby cardi for E. In the meantime we have seen her again a couple of weeks ago and she has grown so much! I love her, she is so cute, always smiling and of good humor, so bright and sunny, she really brings happiness wherever she is.


The pattern is simple and satisfying


It is the Top Down Garter Stitch Baby Jacket by Nancy Elizabeth Munroe, free on revelry, knitted with 3 skeins of cleckheaton county 8 ply. It also involved going button hunting, which I confess was really a lot of fun, and made me discover a nice little shop in the outskirts of Melbourne.


Finally, with the leftover yarn, I managed to knit two hats:
the first is kilkanna, by woolly wormhead, one of my favourite hats designers (go and have a look at her website, there a lots of free pattern, and she has a great group on Ravalry too.




The second is staggered, again fro woolly wormhead, and again a great, easy pattern that is excellent for men and women alike.


And it is also double face!



Ale said...

ohhh I love chubby baby feet and legs!!!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this post :-)
The cardi is in good use now we've returned to winter - I will send a photo!
Big hugs from E and I