Monday, 24 February 2014

sunday at school

Last week was full of events, dramas, accomplishments, decisions, a really full life!

So on sunday there was much need of a break, of staying with good friends, and giving some origins to thoughts, leaving all those "difficult" things away for a day.

we visited friends, had a great lunch which, amongst other delicious things, involved home-made gnocchi

and I had a course on how to make pasta, all for myself. I actually helped in the process, learnt the recipe (easy peasy, 1 kg flour, 3 eggs, water (and, in this case, some borragine)).

Everything was ready:

so my 87 years old teacher, which was patient and precise, showed me what and how to do:

you put the eggs with the flour,

add the herbs, and start mixing from the center

when the pasta is ready, you make the sheets, starting with having them thicker, and going down thickness when they are ready,

(and I dutifuly operated the pasta machine). Then it's time to cut the tagliatelle and the spaghetti!

Let them dry suspended for a day or two. It is surely going to be delicious!

In the afternoon we chatted a lot with visiting relatives and friends, spent some time in the garden, enjoying the first sun. Even the dog had a lot of fun!


Francesca said...

love this!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

beautiful, beautiful pasta!
i'm hungry now, and it's just morning... n♥

Kim said...

just wonderful!