Wednesday, 2 April 2014

CV - inspiration

Even though lately I've been too busy, there are always endless inspirations themes around me!!

Colors, smells, nature, weather, …. Oh, well, anything can be inspiring all around us.

Moreover, having to move house soon, I'm in search of inspiration for the new house furniture: any suggestions?

Knitting inspiration at the wool stall at the market

Geometries in buildings…..

a wonderful springy menu!

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Francesca said...

altroché' la mia bancarella!
no idea about furniture - all i can say is that ikea wardrobes don't last, while their chairs and tables are pretty good. around here, thrift stores are horribly pricey (as if second hand stuff were antiques), but i heard that just across the border, in France, they have super ones ... sadly, a little too far for you!

simply bev said...

Ooh, I'll have the crème brulee al caffe, thank you!

likeschocolate said...

All very inspirational! The staircase is amazing!

Kristin said...

The menu sounds delicious. I am often inspiritert new recipes, which I then have to try.

Heather said...

I really like the wrap that the saleswoman is wearing! As for furniture, I am a big thrift shop and yard sale fan. I like to buy stuff that I can "Heatherize" and if I don't like it, NOT be out a lot of money. I don't know if that works where you are though...

Anonymous said...

Oh great. Wanna have all the spring menue.
Furniture? Maybe you can satisfy all your wishes at IKEA? :)

Bonnie said...

it is true ... inspiration is always around us ... we only have to look!

happy furniture hunting!!

flowtops said...

Perhaps there is a CraigsList of some sorts available in your country?

Back when I lived in Amsterdam, I used to scour the streets just before scheduled garbage collection. I found a few amazing pieces of furniture that way.