Thursday, 3 December 2009

another BSJ

Lately I have lots of friend waiting for babies!
Ah, that's the perfect occasion for baby knitting, a wonderful and rewarding activity.

So I have cast on, and actually also finished, another BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket). It is a fantastic pattern, Elisabeth Zimmerman was a real "genius", as many say!

I bought this wool at Spaccio Mafil, a reasle from a big company, and thay have very nice wools. It's a bit of an expensive place (oh well, cheaper than any store) but they also have special offers that are really good priced. This is 100% merino superwash and extremely soft. I made it using 4mm needles, and then bought buttons at the market. I'm quite pleased with the result, and in the meantime I have made another baby jacket (different model) that only needs to be seamed and buttons. So be prepared for some baby items soon!

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