Wednesday, 2 December 2009

knitting my way through december..

I'm more busy than ever, so there is not much time for blogging. Actually, usually I collaps in bed quite early, these days, so also the knitting has been suffering. Which didn't prevent me from casting on new things!

I have some "secret" finished objects (FO), but others are absolutely public, and here they are!
Let's start with hats:

This is Urchin (rav link) by Ysolda Teague. Knitted with 7mm needles, with an unknown yard: a nice, fast and satysfying knit, ideal for last minute gifts (I made it in one evening!). Here is my page project.
Also this was a project that I did as a KAL with the group on Ravelry. I'm SO happy that I joined, there are so many nice and talented women there, and it was a pleasure to keep in touch with them, and we are planning many other group knitting events.
I find these group things particularly satysfying, we are a relaxed group, and when you are too busy you can just participate silently, but on the other hand when there is sometime, it's great to be able to interact and chat with nice people in a realxed way and on so many topics!!

Second hat is Mayrose, by Woolly Wormhead. It was one of the two mystery hats of the november KAL of the Woolly group on Ravelry. This has been pure fun, pity that I was not able to make also the other pattern, everglade, but I'll definitely make it soon, even though slouchy hats are not my fave (I plan to do it less slouchy).
This mistery Kal has been really good, with lots of nice paticipants and wonderful hats. I was a bit overwhelmed with work and followed silently, but I enjoyed myseld a lot.

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