Monday, 28 June 2010

june shawl

I cannot believe june is almost finished!
Well, at least I have accomplished one FO. my june shawl is done! Now I'm fighting with my June hat, and also knitting a new jumper + other bits here and there. I never have just one knit on the needles!
Anyhow, here it is!


The pattern is 10 in 2010 shawlette by Jeanine le Cras. I knitted in in sockwool I purchased at Mafil for a ridiculous price. It's a beautiful sock wool from Schanzer that comes in 100 gr hanks, and I keep finding it (nobody evidently wants it). There are only three colourways, one in browns, one white with coloured flecks and this one in blues and browns. I used one hank and a bit, and soon you will see what I did with the remainings.


I'm pleased with the result, but i'm now definitely convinced that I shall not use self striping yarns for shawls with lace portions. So be prepared to lots of plain or textured shawls, as I have plenty of this wool, and besides the stripes not going well with lace, it is very soft!



Francinapaperina said...

ma se continui a sfornare lavori così, alla velocità della luce, iscriviamo anche te ai campionati mondiali di fast knitting!!!
bellissimo, io trovo che vada bene anche per il lace, i colori sono molto belli :-)

gis said...

grazie! In questo periodo sforno molto perche' sono sempre in piedi alle 5.30, e non ci sono molte altre attività silenziose. Forse sarebbe meglio riuscire a dormire piu' a lungo.