Friday, 11 June 2010

walking and some thoughts (+ a bonus shawl)

Today I walked to work, a good 40 minutes in the sun (but it was 7 in the morning, so relatively fresh. I thus had some of the exercise I so need (no yoga for me ;-)!). It was lovely, and my thoughts wandered with the things happening around me. Even though it is a trafficky way, and busy at that time of the day, I was absorbed by all the things happening around me.
Along all the way, the intense smell of lime (the tree, not the fruit): these tress border much of my town's streets and are now in bloom. The sweet, intense scent makes you feel really light.


Then the sounds were dominated by bird singing (I'm quite good at ignoring the ever present cars), there were lots of swallows swooshing in the sky with their cries, near the castle, and then a nice blackbird singing near the hospital.

Finally people were as usual astounding: why some throw away their sigarette without unlitting it (and moreover on the street)? But also look at that girl helping an unknown elder to pick up something he lost. Finally, why some old car (of a specific maker and age) always have a woollen plaid draped on the back seat? After starting the day with such philosophical thoughts, I arrived to work early and had time to read my favourite story of the moment, by a very talented young lady, who today gave me a wonderful smile to start the day with!

To conclude properly, as this is supposed to be a knitting blog, here is another of my FOs:
next time the details!


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Francinapaperina said...

guarda che arrossisco...
mi piace da matti questo progetto di scrittura, lo trovo molto liberatorio e sono contenta che anche tu lo trovi motivante per scrivere un po' di piĆ¹...