Tuesday, 24 August 2010

a crisis hat - a.b.24

I arrived home late from work, tired but happy. I needed to make something, it was a kind of urge....
And so


I obliged.
The pattern is from woollywormhead and it is found in Wee Woolly Toppers, a book with lots of fabulous hat pattern for kids. It's called propeller (Ravelry link). Actually, it is quite easy to convert them in hat patterns for adults. Given that I had to do something and possibly quickly, I simply followed the instructions for the small size but with bulky wool and 9mm needles. I'm happy of the result:



Tzugumi said...

E' molto bello davvero, anche perchè raramente ci sono modelli di cappelli che si prestano ottimamente a lana così grossa. E aggiungiamo anche questo...

PS: il mio gregge è il tuo gregge ;)

Helen said...

What a splendid hat! Love the colours.