Thursday, 19 August 2010

crochet experiment

Long ago I learnt to crochet, then didn't do it any more.


Seeing so many beautiful crocheted things on Ravelry I decided to try to make a scarf with some mohair I had in stash.


I'm not a mohair lover, but I must admit that the result is nice. I did a wave pettern (3 repeats (I think double chain), 2 double increases, 3 double crochet and 2 decreases. Increase = 2 double crochet in one stich, decrease = 1 double crochet for 2 stitches from below). Ok, now it is clear that I have no idea of how to explain crochet in English.


Anyhow, making this was a lot of fun, and a good occasion to make a scarf with a fringe (and that was a lot of fun!).

But I continue to prefer knitting!


try2knit said...

Andiamo di pari passo. Stasera vorrei provare a fare un granny square... se ce la faccio. ;) Io nn ho mai imparato tanto a crochettare!!

Buona serata!

gis said...