Monday, 6 September 2010

september shawl

I spent August working a lot, but given the summery atmosphere, I did find also some time to knit. One, big, now almost finished project was undertaken: the deadline is the beginning of october, so you'll have to wait to see it.

In the mantime I managed to knit also another shawl: the wool peddlers shawl by Cherry Oberle. The pattern is in the book Folk's shawls, a nice book full of fantastic patterns.


I used 5 mm needles and the Evilla Preyarn, a frale but beautiful and soft unspun yarn, that I enjoyed immensely to knit. This yarn has a lot of fantastic colors, and I still have some more of it, and I'm itching to cast on something new! It is really frale, and at first knitting with it can be a bit troublesome, but once you get the hang of it it is really relaxing (but go and read comments on Ravelry, as not everybody would agree).

(Now, what color to use next? Any suggestions?)

Anyway, I think that the trick is to choose the right measure for the needles: I tried to use 4mm and it was terrible, but when I switched to the 5mm all went smoothly!


Aren't the colors beautiful?


This is my 7th shawl of the 10shawls in 2010 challange



try2knit said...

che meraviglia.. mi piacciono molto anche i colori. sono proprio settembrini! :)

Francinapaperina said...

stupendo!!! colori bellissimi e così giusti per queste prime giornate grigie... ma dimmi, cara gis, per caso vieni da un filo di... il 25/09 per il workshop di emma?