Sunday, 24 October 2010

friends and wonderful friends!

Yesterday morning with a group of wonderful friends we went to Grignasco.
After a much needed coffee we spent a lovely morning immersed in wool....


A lot of wool!


The sale at Grignasco was fun, I digged into enormous baskets looking for packages of mixed wool, but the great thing was the atmosphere of complicity in the group: a much needed break and full refreshment, thank you dear friends! I finally met Francesca of "meet the Cohens", cought up with Micicuta and met another fantastic lady! How good it is to meet in real life internet friends and be aware thet the sense of closeness and friendship is strengthened!


We left full handed


But the best of it all was the lightness and happiness that remained with me all the way home and is still lasting: thank to you all, ladies!
Details of my purchases in another post, I need some light to take pictures!

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Tzugumi said...

Sigh...qui a Trieste non c'è nulla di tutto questo, e a quanto ne so neanche nella vicina Slovenia...mi toccherà venire in trasferta da quella parti, prima o poi :)