Tuesday, 30 November 2010

something new but old

After some silence (it was due to exhausting weeks at work and not only), I'm finally back with one f.o.
To tell the truth, I have been knitting quite a lot, but as usual several (let's be honest: 7 = seven) different things on the needles at a one time make progresses very slow. Maybe this post is starting e new trend and I'll finally finish something. But don't be fool, danger is always at hand, as this evening I'm already thinking of casting on two new things!

Anyhow, after the decluttering of the computer, which was rather successful, I'm feeling better, and I'm now proceeding to a partial cleaning of the house.

The finished object is a nice shawl, anothe citron, but this time modified and knit in a softer wool, which made the results quite satisfying! I started it almost two months ago, and it travelled with me everywere. So here it is in all its glory!


When I reached the last repeat, there was quite a lot of wool left, and I was bored to death to double the stitches now and then, so I added three more repeats realising a band of k2tog yo and yo k2tog every other row (keeping the return row as purls), and then headed happily to a nice garter stitch band until I finished the yarn.


I think the result is beautiful, and I'm not going to block it, it will be the decision of its future owner! More details on my ravelry page.

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