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a crisis hat - a.b.24

I arrived home late from work, tired but happy. I needed to make something, it was a kind of urge....
And so


I obliged.
The pattern is from woollywormhead and it is found in Wee Woolly Toppers, a book with lots of fabulous hat pattern for kids. It's called propeller (Ravelry link). Actually, it is quite easy to convert them in hat patterns for adults. Given that I had to do something and possibly quickly, I simply followed the instructions for the small size but with bulky wool and 9mm needles. I'm happy of the result:


Monday, 23 August 2010

at work! - a.b.23


OK, here I was going to work....

Sunday, 22 August 2010

morning view - a.b. 22

Even in difficult moments there is beauty everywhere: just look around you.


Saturday, 21 August 2010

strange encounters - a.b. 21

This morning I had many things to do, things to finish, a car trip, a visit and so much more.

When I went to open the door to get the car out, I saw something there, and hey! It was a great start for a long day


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a.b. 19


OK, I cannot resist, and I'll post also my 365 photo...


crochet experiment

Long ago I learnt to crochet, then didn't do it any more.


Seeing so many beautiful crocheted things on Ravelry I decided to try to make a scarf with some mohair I had in stash.


I'm not a mohair lover, but I must admit that the result is nice. I did a wave pettern (3 repeats (I think double chain), 2 double increases, 3 double crochet and 2 decreases. Increase = 2 double crochet in one stich, decrease = 1 double crochet for 2 stitches from below). Ok, now it is clear that I have no idea of how to explain crochet in English.


Anyhow, making this was a lot of fun, and a good occasion to make a scarf with a fringe (and that was a lot of fun!).

But I continue to prefer knitting!

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very dandy

I have finally finished something, as currently I'm trying to finish several large projects at once!

It's a nice triangular scarf...


The model is Dandy Neckerchief by Ariane Caron-Lacoste.


The wool is Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed. I bought it from an online shop (Stash Fine Yarns in Chester), and I'm very happy of it: it's soft and the colour is totally lovely.


a.b. 15

A wonderful day in 6 pics







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eating - august break 10

Eating the same things, but preparing them in different ways: 4 eggs, 1 tomato and some bread, but there is a big difference!



While going to buy the bread, we saw some beautiful cars...


Monday, 9 August 2010

august break 09

A busy day....




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the august break 07

Small little "pleasures" and some talking sometimes help to share a situation and understand it


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august break 05


grey and rainy day at work: luckly I was inside!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

august break 04

Coming home after three good days away, crossing Tuscany in gorgeous weather, I forgot all worries and enjoyed myself immensely.

Remembering the importance of smiling!

Take a big breath and enjoy.