Monday, 7 March 2011

finally some knitting

Lately, with all this work, and travelling, and being away, I haven't written much about nitting. Of course, clickety clicking has been undergoning all time, I simply never blogged about it.

So let's get back to good habits, and here is a recent F.O. It's a hat for P, the wool, Morris Estate 8ply was purchased at Morris and sons in Melbourne, and chosen specifically by P for the color and softness. It is a deep red, and I love it!


The model is a simple watchcap, how else could a portable hat be, after all? So I obliged, and followed the clear instructions for a Classic Watch Cap in the Hats on! book by Charlene Schurch. Now of course, I'd like to knit also all the other hats from the book, and who knows, maybe with time....


There are several projects that are already completed or on the way to be completed soon, so I shall post soon about them!


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