Tuesday, 4 October 2011


The girl effect is a campaign to raise awarness about the role of women, but ot only that, it's about giving girls around the world the tools to escape ignorance and prejudice that keep them in poverty and force them living worse lives. It's not about destroying traditions, it's about educating people, having them to be aware of what are the outcomes of the choices they make, and in many cases to let them know they have choices!!

It's not only about women, it's about our societies and our world. I believe that too often women are still following the old thinking pathways even in the so called developed world, where we are supposed to have reached parity, and in reality we haven't yet. But besides this, I belive very strongly the we, the fortunate ones who happen to have been born in rich countries, have the duty to help young people from poorer countries to get all the knowledge means they need to then decide for their lifes indipendently.

And this is impossible when you never go to school, have your first child when you are 12 and struggle all your life to get enough to actually live! We can help in many ways, we can fund projects that give education, that inform children, that let them have a proper childhood.

Much is being done, and you can find informations at the Girl Effect, to start with.

And if you think this is important, then why not making a post about it too?

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