Monday, 7 November 2011

Back to knitting!

It seems like ages that I don't write a kniting related post, and it actually is. No worries, I have been knitting, and quit a bit, but simply never get to post anything about it. So in the next days you'll have a "full" update!

These are being busy days indeed, busy with great things, such as dear friends visiting from far (and we spent a wonderful day toghether, more about this soon), or work related good surprises and family gatherings, and bad things, such as beloved ones being ill, and long times spent at hospitals and travelling (with some knitting at hand).

First finished thing I want to show you is a hat and scarf set I made and gifted to dad for his birthday. He was very happy with it, and has been using it already.


I used a self-striping yarn by Mafil that I bought at their retail store. It's all knit in k1-p1, the hat in the round...


and with decreases improvised, and the scarf flat


on 35 stitches using 5mm needles. (For the hat I think I cated on 80 stitches).


It was easy and meditative, watching the stripes unfold, thicker or thinner, and the colors change and blend in.
Dad looked quite happy when opening the present!


Ravelled here and here.


Anonymous said...

what a nice handmade present for your dad!

Kim said...

I love this, and I love the green scarves too.

I am now ready to knit everything in the round ... a little kit arrived in the mail today.