Wednesday, 4 July 2012

corner view - hot

We are currently having a very hot weather.
Hot makes me think of many things:



[termite mounds in dried savannah]

[tropical forest]

[bread out of the oven]


More hot things at Fuoriborgo, where all corner viewers leave trace of their thought about the weekly theme! Have a great day you all!


Victoria said...

Wow those termite mounds are incredible.
Nothing beats bread straight from the oven.
Happy 4th July.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

your hots are hot!
the bread!!

Beth said...

The bread is my favorite--it looks so delicious--I swear I can smell it and taste it!:>)
Those mounds are wild! I thought I was looking at a weathered and worn tombstone at first. Whew! I'm glad we don't have those around here!

Anonymous said...

yum ... that bread looks so good :)

Elizabeth said...

That bread looks delicious. I have some sourdough starter bubbling away on the counter in this heat!
The termite moulds - wow. I thought they were tombstones too.

flowtops said...

That bread is gorgeous!

I've been wanting to bake bread, just have to convince Top1. (Or have him learn how to bake, I really haven't got the time.)


Susanna Redeker said...

To look at this than many things can be hot!
And I would not mind tasting the 'hot' bread!!

Francesca said...

what a lovely crust on that bread! do you have a coop nearby? I've been buying their organic "5 cereali" and seed bread mixture, and it makes a wonderful bread - though I just discovered that flours, seeds, yeast and salt aren't the only ingredients, so I won't be buying it too often :(