Saturday, 22 December 2012

another month

I can't believe another month has passed since my last post!
How is that possible? But then I think to all what happened, and I understand why it flew s fast.
It's almost Christmas, I'm back to Australia, it's summer, and I'm working hard AND enjoying myself with friends! And what an year.

But to come back to the last months, we have been traveling quite a bit.
We were in Paris, to catch up with dear friends and with the city, that I always miss....



And I was in the mountains, and back and forth to Milano, in the day or night



I went to meetings


I worked so hard, and was often very tired, so that I wore mismatched socks


but still had the energy to note the small beautiful details


We had great family meetings, a bit of sadness and great joys.
The computer died


but now I have a new one!

And I'm more than ready to keep on going, and, possibly, chronicle the journey a bit more regularly!


Oh, I was forgetting, I also knitted a ton of things!

And we have arrived safely!!!!!


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