Monday, 31 December 2012

it's finished

So it's finished, bye bye 2012, you were quite demanding, but all you can do always is to get what comes with as much grace as possible, solve the problems or digest them, and try to go on. Which we all did, and in the end it was quite a lucky year, all considered.

But I'm happy it is finished, I'm happy to close it, and say adieu. No much blogging lately, nothing about our travels, it was simply too much to be handled, but plans are, as always, to be back to good habits. So in the next days I'll try to trace a summary of 2012, to let all of this go, and try to start anew with 2013. After all everything is up to us.

The last day of 2012 has been excellent! I went to swim, I had a great coffee and pleasantly chatted about interesting things, I worked a bit, I baked a cake


We ate it at lunch with a good friend.
The afternoon was spent resting and planning and doing the things I love


In the evening we had a great time with dear friends




and laughing and...


feeling loved, and happy, and relaxed, and trusting, and cared of, and caring for


Hallo 2013, hope we will get well together, and I think my little word for you will be along the lines of "dare"! More soon....



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