Monday, 1 June 2009

Elisabeth Zimmermann

When I started knitting, thanks to the many bolgs on the internet, I discovered Elisabeth Zmmermann, and fell in love with her. 

I own many of her books, and love her way of writing about knitting and life, her attitude about knitting and her "open" patterns (or rather recipes), the fact that she encourages to modify things and experiment, but also the fact that she gives clear instructions to practice on things before being confident enough to go by yourself.

I have been spending hours dreaming while reading her books, planning things to knit, calculating things. It was reading the knitters' almanac that I decided to knit my first stole, a Pi are, even though it looked like a too large project. And instead I completed it, learned to make the ribbing, spent many  enjoyable hours completing it, and finally had the pleasure to see the smile of my mum when I gave it to her! What beautiful moments...


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