Friday, 5 June 2009

mohair scarves

Lately I have been producing scarves using a nice mohair wool I found long ago at the market. In principle I'm not a big fan of mohair, it is too fuzzy and hairy for me, but I have noticed that people usually like it. I prefer natural fibers, also because I'm sometimes allergic (especially to garment etiquettes, which I cut regularly).
Anyhow I jus finished two scarves, to be gifted to friends.
One is a stripy scarf


I simply cast on 27 stitches on 9mm needles and went on till the skeins lasted.


The second one is a yellow scarf, pattern from 1 skein wonders - 101 yarn-shop favorites, a book series I have enjoyed. The pattern is Razor Shell Lace Scarf by Arlene Graham. I'm pleased with the result, and think it will suit perfectly for the person I have in mind....

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