Thursday, 29 October 2009

lucky me! SP14 continued

It is somedays I wanted to write this post, but never had time to take a picture... No more excuses, I now have a photo! (OK, it is a bad photo, I had to use the flashlight, but at least here it is).

I have had the luck to participate to sp14 with two wonderful partners, Gabi, at Rainbowthreads, and Katie, at The view from the Hill. They have been really fantastic partners, I was so lucky (and also a thank to our hostess Jinann at Have ewe any wool?).

Gabi sent me a nice present to celebrate the end of the swap: she has been really thoughtfull and picked up a super fantasic knitting diary. Look there, isn't it wonderful? There are real petals and vegetable in the cover, and orange is one of my favourite colours! I will start using it now, otherwise I usually tend to keep beautiful things unused, but the best way for me to show I liked it, is starting to write on it NOW.

THANK YOU Gabi! You really made my week, that is being rather hard on many other aspects.

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Soth said...

I'm so happy, you like the book! I wanted you to have something, made by me, in return for beeing the wonderful person, that you are. The thought that you will use it and maybe think of me, when you do so, makes me very happy.