Friday, 2 October 2009

secret pal 14 update

This week was a sort of nightmare at work, and I was so tired that days were passing by with no posts.
I have received the final package from Katie: she has been a wonderful pal, and she has stimulated me in trying (er..., wanting to try!) new things. And I will post here my progresses, no worries!

Anyhow, the package was full of wonderful things, and I honestly liked all of them, I can't decide on favourites. Here are some photos:

Look there!
A lovely note, all for myself!
A gorgeous wool handspun by Katie! I love its colour, and feeling, and I spent a bit of time wondering how is it possible to spin like that. Which brought me to resume my spindle, and decide that by the end of october I shall finish my first attempt at spinning.
A super fantastic bookmark, already in use, and it is a knitting bookmark (thus combining two favourites things of mine).
A washcloth (orange, I love it) and fabric with chickens. The washcloth complements beautifully my kitchen, and the fabric will be put at good use.
And finally, tea and chocolate!!! (all was excellent).

The last thing in the pack was such a cute thought, and I really loved it to no end: a pack of moo cards. I have no words, actually, there would be so many words, that I will just write here a big



Katie said...

My pleasure, it's been fun!

Katie said...

Grrr blogger is playing silly games, anyway I'm the secret pal in question, you can find me at

gis said...

Thanks Katie! I did find you, and something is on your way....

Jinann said...

Fabulous package! It's always great to get handspun - and she did such a wonderful job - it's gorgeous!

Suse said...

What a lovely idea to add some moo cards, and that handspun is very special.

Thank you for your offer of a scarf, I am very honoured! I think I'm a bit embarrassed to say yes though. It's so generous of you!

By the way, I'm halfway through my first Ishbel and loving it.