Tuesday, 13 October 2009

something for SP14

Lately, besides trying to complete started projects ... and not so successfully, up to now at least,
I have been also ingaged in some "secret projects".

This cowl was made for Gabi, my secret pal, and now that she has received it, I can show it to you. Here it is, unblocked

And this is how it was while blocking (the real colour is nearer to the one in the first picture).

The pattern is a noble cowl, by Emily Kausalik (ravelry link). I found the pattern in the queued projects from Gabi, and fell in love with it. It in knitted on 4mm needles, in the round, with a pure merino baby wool I had in stash. It was a pleasure to knit this cowl, and I hope it will keep her warm, now that winter is approaching.

In the meantime, other things are being knitted, but I'll keep them for other posts!


Soth said...

I can saytell you, this morning it really kept me warm on my way to the baker and to the market. We had the first wintery day here, the temperature was under 0 degree celsius....bbbbrrr. And the color shows off really nice with my favorite black leather jacket.

Soth said...

....erase the "say" pls......one should read over before pressing enter...