Sunday, 3 June 2012

where I live ~ procession

Sometime coincidences are really striking in life, whether in real or virtual spaces.
My friend Francesca, at Fuoriborgo, just posted another of her posts of the where I live series, to which I enjoyed to contribute, as they were so stimulating.
And guess what? Just last week, in Nizza M., we crossed a procession!


first there was the band,


then the priest, followed by the Madonna statue, brought around by a group of Alpini


Finally a lot of fesive people! It was interesting and colorful, but I could not follow it, what a pity!


Francesca said...

Looks like the Madonna is on wheels - too easy! :)
Thanks for playing along last minute!

gis said...

Indeed, it has been my first time ever to see a Madonna on wheels. Times are changing.....