Sunday, 12 July 2009

a good weekend

Finally the weekend arrived.

We came to Monferrato, to have a break, and I spent a bit of time organising.

I have plenty of projects that I want to start, there comprised a fantastic Hanne Falkenberg kit I bought several months ago when the pound was low. Actually I bought two of them, but let's start with one, the one I want to give to my mother for christmas.

Before starting anything new (except hats, of course), I want to clear old unfinished things. This is a time in my life where I want to clean things: the house is cluttered and I have lost control over it several months ago, our lifestyle is a bit hectic, and also knitting and the huge stash I have accumulated need some order.

I have several knits hanging around since a long time: hats, socks, one jacket, two baby jackets and a shrug. So I brought everything with me, divided the projects, each one for a container (mainly bags), and dived into them. What e rewarding weekend!

I finished the shrug, which only needs some seaming, finished a sock and cast on immediately for the second, so I'm sure there will actually be a second sock.

And two finished things: two hats!

The first one is a pink-grey hat.

Pattern: Icing Swirl Hat by Ysolda Teague

Needles: 6mm

Wool: unknown, purchased at the market, no band. I guess a blend of wool and acylic. It's very soft.

Comments: I liked knitting this hat but I'm not very enthusiastic of the final result (maybe because the hat came out a bit too small?). I have some isues in finding wich way to wear it... Maybe I shall make another bigger one. The pattern was very well written. The look of the hat not worn is beautiful, on the other hand!

Now I'm thinking to start an Ishbel, I have seen so many on Ravelry and they all look beautiful!

The second one is a false cable grey hat, that has been already reclaimed by P.

Pattern: Eyelet Lace Beanie by April Paddock

Needles: 6mm

Wool: I used an unknown brand, 60% wool and 40% “other fibers”. It is really soft!

I like how the hat came out, it is an easy, beautiful pattern. 
Finished it, and as soon I had darned the tails in, it was gone, raclaimed by P, who even tried it on (and kept it for a while) notwithstanding th 30°C temperature! 
Bonus: a good fourth of the skein is left over….

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