Monday, 27 July 2009

in the mountains

Last friday I was in the field with a student.
Oh, well, I'm really unfit, especially since it is a year I'm not going to the mountains, but it was a gorgeaous day!! And the Alps are always a beauty.

We reached 2100 mt, and the sight was gorgeous.

Water was cascading everywere, unfortunately glaciers are melting, I can remember this same spot 20 years ago, and it was really different!

Anyhow, we climbed up to a nice fall, with some snow leftovers, and a fantastic roaring sound. It was warm, and beautiful, even thoug in the afternoon clouds arrived, and a cool wind rose. At a certain points we decided to return back, thinking that a storm was approaching.

All around there were hundreds of flowers and insects: what a busy corner!

The storm happened late in the evening, when I was already driving home, and it was indeed a huge storm!

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Jinann said...

Lovely pictures! The purple flower is beautiful and the Alps are awe inspiring!