Thursday, 16 July 2009

other things I do....

Besides knitting. Hmmm, there are too many!

This week knitting has been progressing, but I forgot the photos in my camera, so, hopefully, knitting update will be tomorrow. I don't want a photoless post (photography is one big passion here!). And I don't feel like talking about my failures and successes in bread making today either.

So I'll put myself in a safety zone and write about some other crafting activities.

Lately I have a need of doing several things, and neglect home, but this having proved to be really unpractical, I have settled on doing things AND the house (and work, that of course is the main activity). One of my dreams have always to be learning spinning, but my first attempt (not accomplished yet) needs some space and a photo too, so let's leave this to another day too. Enough to say that I'm blocked because I don't dare to take away from the spindle what I have produced so far....

Another thing I would love to practice more is sewing (I have several quilting books, but haven't attempted one yet, I guess I'm a bit worried more by the quilting part rather than the piecing-sewing part). My skills with the sewing machine are not top high, I bought a used Necchi on the internet some years ago and have been using it a bit.

Don't be mistaken, I'm also ery busy at work and with family, so time to spend with enough calm to learn and attempt new things is just a small quantity, I usually am a person who likes to experiment new things!

Plans for the summer would be to at least produce a courtain for the bathroom, all material is on the table, so maybe, next week.

To close this rather confused account (I see a pattern here, and wonder how confused is my brain ;-)!), I'll leave you, my dear reader, (yes, I know, there are no many readers here), with a photo of a small sewing project I completed some months ago. I filled it with grains so that it can change position, and I will probably gift it to the first child visiting our home!

Added: the pattern for the frog comes from the purl bee blog, follow the link and make as many as you want, they are really super-easy!


Michela said...

Ma che carinaaaaa!!!! :) Posso passare come una bambina? ^_^'

gis said...

Come prima commentatrice (e, forse, visitatrice) del blog, vinci un ranocchio che ti porterĂ² alla prima occasione.

You are the first commenter of this blog, so you win a frog (I will give it you directly at next meeting)