Thursday, 9 July 2009

no much knitting...

Since we have come back I'm overwhelmed at work, having also to spend evenings working to catch up and meet a deadline. No mistakings, I'm happy to finish things this way (and this overload will end with this week), but knitting is suffering a bit....

Just to keep you amused a bit, I'll put up some images of our trip in the red centre, as there is not much knitting news around here. That was really fabulous, an outstanding experience!!!

Lots of stunning landscapes, some very famous

others less so...

but all absolutely lovely

More images of the trip soon (there are colours, trees, flowers, animals, people to talk about).

Knitting-wise, during the weekend I plan to finish some little things I started before leaving, and I have also unearthed lots of larger wips that I must finish before starting something new (hats do not count, of course!)

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