Tuesday, 14 December 2010

14/31 a pause from reverb10, great friends are stars!

Today I found TWO packages in my mailbox. Whoever has such great friens disseminated aroud the world sending lovely packages full of real treats, though and sent to me with care and friendship?

One package arrived from the States, from dear K., with a super nice note and 4 kool-aid packages. This happens when good friends listen to ramblings (actually never ending ones) about knitting, wool and dyeing, and they also remember about the dyeing part!

lucky me 02

THANK YOU K, and I hope to see you soon!

The other package arrived from Great Britain, from from super nice P, with whom I share a passion for hats, especially those designed by Woolywormhead, but not only. She sent me a great note, with a super cute card, and also a gigantic and wonderful wooden button! That will go in some hat all for myself, and everytime I will wear it, I will think with a smile to a good friend!

lucky me 01

THANK YOU P, and I hope we shall meet soon!

Other nice stories and happening arrived via e-mail, and today was totally full of good friends news from far and near. Thank you to all, I'm smiling constantly, and will probably still smiling while dreaming tonight!

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